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Explosion Proof Fans

Rugged, dependable Jenny explosion proof fans - available in either direct driven 16 and 20 inch models or belt driven 24 inch models. All models feature totally enclosed explosion proof motors and are designed for years of worry-free operation.

These units conform to all OSHA specifications. All explosion proof fans are equipped with a spark resistant polypropylene blade.

Explosion Proof fans

All Jenny explosion proof exhaust fans are equipped with a spark resistant polypropylene blade. Motors are UL listed for Class 1, Group D and Class II, Group E, F and G atmospheres.

These cost-effective fans are designed for years of worry-free operation. All units conform to all OSHA specifications for explosion proof fans.

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Greenhouses, barns, factories, warehouses, processing plants, automotive garages and stadiums.


B24 Model
Blade Size: 24
Width: 28
Height: 28
Depth: 22
D20 Model
Blade Size: 20
Width: 24
Height: 24
Depth: 13
D16 Model
Blade Size: 16
Width: 20
Height: 20
Depth: 9


Explosion proof fans are required for areas where there is flammable gases, hazardous vapors, easily ignitable fibers , or hazardous dust in the air that can create an explosion or fire.

An explosion proof fan is designed with spark proof construction and minimizes the chance for a spark igniting an explosion in a hazardous area. These exhaust fans are made from materials that will not produce a spark. We NEVER USE STEEL OR ALUMINUM BLADES (both can spark in adverse conditions) ---ONLY Nylon or Poly blades are used! Explosion proof ventilator fans remove stale air from the hazardous location and can clear air of toxic fumes and dust.

You can consult the National Electric Code® for more information.

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Explosion Proof fan


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Blade Size Model H.P. R.P.M. 0" S.P. CFM 1/8" S.P. 1/4" S.P.
16 D1633X 1/3 1725 3110 2990 2800
D1633XV 1/3 1650-500 2920-900 2810-865 2630-812
20 D2033X 1/3 1725 4375 4180 3320
D2033XV 1/3 1650-500 4110-1270 3930-1210 3120-905
24 B2433X 1/3 1100 4900 4730 4400
B2433XV 1/3 1050-600 4690-2680 4520-2590 4200-2402
B2450X 1/2 1250 5580 5390 5000


  • Can reduce heating and cooling costs up to 50%.

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