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Altra-Air Fans with Whalepower Technology Altra-Air HVLS fans blanket a very large area with constantly moving air to create an expansive comfort zone. As a result, the big ceiling fan can create an evaporative cooling effect of three to four degrees fahrenheit throughout the facility.

ecopower® Energy Efficient Ventilator Technology ecopower® has demonstrated extraordinary energy efficiency under power load, requiring up to 76% under wind load or power activated as conditions require. True hybrid ventilation!

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Over 50 years experience in air circulation, movement and cooling methods WITHOUT using electricity! Utilize and compartmentalize space with movement of air by use of destratification fans from 10 feet to 24 feet in diameter.

We use Whalepower; five blades fans as opposed to antiquated ten blade method. In combination with Hurricane ventilators that rotate by vane interference with wind of min. 3 mph up to and including 150 mph with structural Hurricane rating-----with ZERO electrical power; installed in roof/attic or storage-warehouse facility.

Explosion proof fans (made in USA) in combination with our full line of ORIGINAL made in USA Port-A-Cool floor units for the Ultimate in maximum cooling without expensive A/C.

Master Distributors for major USA, Canadian and European manufactures of the very best of the best in Air Circulation equipment and vehicle lifting and servicing support equipment.

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    We are an authorized Master Distributor for Port-A-Cool, LLC. The only portable evaporative cooling units that are UL listed. Not just the motor or the pump, but the entire unit!