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Port-A-Cool Cyclone™ Evaporative Cooling Units

What is evaporative cooling?
Remember the chill of wind hitting your skin after swimming on a hot day? That’s natural evaporative cooling.
how do these units work?
Port-A-Cool® portable evaporative cooling units employ the same natural cooling process, using forced air over water- soaked evaporative cooling pads to reduce temperatures up to 30 degrees F.

Port-A-Cool Cyclone™ Evaporative Cooling Units

Why choose Port-A-Cool Units?
Cools anywhere standard air conditioning is ineffective or cost prohibitive
Hourly cost of just 4-34¢ depending on the unit size
Cools instead of recirculating stale, hot air
Cools up to 4,000 square feet with the largest unit, or choose a smaller model for tight spaces
Cools where you need it
Cools without any chemicals
Cools economically with efficient, effective resource use

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Author: Chad Bowlin
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Port-A-Cool Cyclone™ Evaporative Cooling Units
  • • Rust-proof and leak-proof housing
    • Easy rolling casters for spot cooling
    • Efficient and Economical operation
    • Cooling for 500 to 4,000 sq. ft. depending on model


Heat Stress

According to OSHA “rest period” recommendations, if a staff of 100 workers takes ONE additional 10-MINUTE REST PERIOD PER DAY, the cost to the company will be 16 hours and 40 minutes in lost production time per day or 83 hours and 20 minutes per week.

In terms of dollars, at $18 per hour pay rate, excluding overtime and including benefits, the cost to the company will be $1,500 per week or $19,500 over the course of a 13-week summer.

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Port-A-Cool Cyclone™ Evaporative Cooling Units


  • MORE Effective than a fan
    MORE Economical than A/C
    Easy on the Environment
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    We are an authorized Master Distributor for Port-A-Cool, LLC. The only portable evaporative cooling units that are UL listed. Not just the motor or the pump, but the entire unit!