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Hurricane Turbine 'Natural Powered Exhaust Units'

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The Hurricane™ Turbine is a wind driven roof exhaust fan. This natural turbine ventilator is an alternative to traditional industrial ventilators that perform poorly and consume energy.

Natural ventilation is proven to be effective and keep costs down.

Several different products are available, but the wind driven gravity turbine vent is the most impressive. Distinguishing itself by being the largest and most efficient wind driven gravity vent in the world, the Hurricane™ ventilator will provide years of quiet, cost effective service. The Hurricane™ turbine is fire rated and also carries an astounding 15 year warranty!

Hurricane Turbine 'Natural Powered Exhaust Units'

No Electrical operating costs *** No wiring costs *** No Starter costs *** No Maintenance costs *** Low Structural impact; just 60 lbs ***Quiet Operation. ESSENTIALLY; FREE VENTILATION!

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Ventilate your building for free!

It’s true! Most buildings create a natural gravity effect where the hot air rises from the floor to the roof creating a positive pressure at the upper levels and negative pressure at the lower levels.

Gravity or stack effect is caused by convection (hot air rises), the temperature difference from inside the building as compared to outside of the building and the height of the building. If the correct gravityopening is installed at the roof, the positive pressure caused by stack effect will enable the heat to leave the building. As the heat leaves the building through the roof opening, the air at the floor will be displaced by cooler air entering the building from lower levels.


Hurricane Turbine 'Natural Powered Exhaust Units'
  • The wind driven Hurricane™ Ventilator exhausts hot, stale air from buildings and allows it to be replaced at low level with fresh air at ambient temperature. The result is a much more pleasant and healthier working environment.


15 Year Warranty

No Electrical Operating Costs
No Wiring Costs
Designed to withstand adverse weather
Low Maintenance
Low Structural Impact
Quiet Operation

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Performance Specs


  • The average cost of a Hurricane™ Turbine is 70% less than conventional fan ventilation!

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