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ecopower® Energy Efficient Ventilator Technology

Low Energy. Hybrid. Free Power!
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ecopower® utilizes an electronic commutating (EC) motor installed in the head of the ventilator to enable motorized boost during periods of low wind speed or special ventilation needs.

The ecopower® ventilator has no motor or blades in the throat of the vent. This is extremely important as research has shown that any obstruction in the throat of a wind ventilator will greatly decrease vent performance under wind load.

ecopower® Energy Efficient Ventilator Technology

The bearing system of the motor becomes the bearing system of the ventilator. This means that the vent can be free spinning under wind load or power activated as conditions require.

The motor can be activated by a switch (not included) or any digital measure, such as temperature, humidity, wind speed etc.

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Benefits of ecopower®

• Optional powered ventilation without reducing the performance of wind exhaust levels (which occurs when motor and fan blades are installed in the throat).
• High levels of energy efficiency.
• Much lower operational noise levels compared with similar capacity axial fan products.
• Dependable ventilation that performs when required.
• Advanced German motor technology.
• Vertical vane vent technology, which outperforms traditional spherical shape metal vents of the same throat diameter. Based on Flow Coefficient Tests performed under AS4740:2000 by CSR Edmonds.
• Lighter weight than comparable axial fans.
• Single phase (EP400 & EP600) and low voltage (EP100 & EP150) power, allows simpler electrical installation.


ecopower® Energy Efficient Ventilator Technology
  • ecopower® has demonstrated extraordinary energy efficiency under power load, requiring up to 76% under wind load or power activated as conditions require.


Product Range

ecopower® is available in 4 sizes, 100 mm, 150 mm, 400 mm and 600 mm throat sizes to fit most applications.

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True Hybrid Ventilation

What makes the ecopower® revolutionary is its patented design. The ecopower® design allows the wind turbine itself to be used as a centrifugal impeller, no separate fan is required when running in powered mode. The motor is installed in a direct drive configuration to the impeller, ensuring minimum flow obstruction for maximum air movement. It also results in lower maintenance costs.

School classrooms
Factories and storage facilities
Ventilation shafts on multistorey building
Auditoriums and indoor sports facilities


  • The ecopower® not only uses less power in powered mode, but can also run for a shorter period due to the availability of continuous ventilation in natural mode. This allows for similar air change rates over a 24 hour period compared to the mechanical unit, which must run for a longer period.

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